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Colour Change

In the last 6 months, I have changed cleaning methods. I have changed noise that I call across the field, but most of all, I have changed the amount of elbow grease that I have to use in order to put a saddle on. My arms are showing it too. Ugh!

Can you guess what I have done?

Yep, I’ve changed horse. Not moved on – no one can move on from a nibbling, grumpy grey gelding, only upwards maybe… but I have upgraded. Don’t tell Thunder! He would roll over in his grave if he heard me, and then bite me.

Meet Oscar,

Three features that I have noticed straight off:


Imagine it, you bring your horse in from the field, keen for a ride and you quickly remember the Pony Club rules – don’t ride without a spotless horse, it’s good for their welfare, good discipline etc etc etc. So, you remove the rug from your darling horse, to see a complete rug outline around your horse’s legs and neck, including the tail, made out of mud, fresh, wet, mud.

The tail, on a grey horse, could be a beautiful white, flowing, maybe even slightly crimped… ’cause you are winning at life. Then reality hits, you have a yellow, mucky, clumped tail – and no amount of mane and tail will crack it. You just give up, and hope you see no one on your hack.

Queue everyone you know to passing you on the roads, even your Pony Club District Chairman from 15 years ago… give a rider a break…

Instead, here I am, grooming the new horse’s tail to the inch of it’s life, and it is effortless. Could it be that you cannot see the dirt levels, it just needs a good comb through? Don’t ruin my heaven.

Entire Body

Quite literally all of the mud falls off a bay quicker than a grey – why is this? I don’t think I have had such flappy chicken wings in my life before. This is great.

You quickly brush over the horse, and then feel guilty, that you haven’t broken a sweat grooming. Is this normal?

Man, I don’t want to wake up!

Open Door Policy 

Oh my, this is one thing that could never, ever, happen with Thunder.

Now then, Oscar allows the stable door to be open, open wide, no head collar on, nothing. Thunder would be out of the door within seconds, with another idea of what he should be entertaining himself with. But not Oscar… he just stands there waiting to be cared for – waiting to be groomed, and loving his salt lick.

What is this? I can totally get used to it. If I leave the stable, would he stay?

It might be fair to say that the old steed is a dreamboat – plus he comes to his name… Thunder did do this, but not as reliably!!

Have you had to change horse recently? What are your silver linings? 

3 thoughts on “Colour Change

  1. ..such a wonderful writing..I remember Thunder not wanting any attention and cuddles from I admired him from distance…he was always standing tall, yes I know his height was helping him to look that way, but I mean if Thunder was a little pony his personality would always make him look taller than any other horse…so handsome and standing proud even when noone was looking…golf course 😉


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