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Facebook – should you? shouldn’t you?

facebook algorithm secret

Facebook is always changing. The algorithm changes quicker than I shower, and the updates are getting ridiculous. Not even I can keep up with the stories on Facebook and the stories on Instagram. To be honest, Instagram is my jam.

Facebook used to be the place to be, you’d get the crazy status (I was one of them!), the constant photo poster, the one who always wanted to make their lives seem the worst, and the one who always looked the best and was always on holiday.

It’s not like that anymore, it’s more businesses trying to crack the most amount of engagement, be the most interesting and groups being riddled with people getting excited about things they have in common.

All in all, it is a great way to network, a great way to be on top of the times and a great way to keep in touch with people.

I struggle with it for 3 reasons though.

#1: Too much at one time.

You cannot read everything that pops up in the 10 seconds you first get to your homepage and then it refreshes, creating a rather frustrating few minutes. More often than not I come off Facebook being annoyed than enthralled – for that reason!

#2: Changes

The aforementioned algorithm that constantly is changing, it gets me confused, and quite honestly I don’t think even the brightest of Facebook Bots know what it is all about.

#3: Lack of Friend’s updates

I don’t see any of my friends updates on it anymore, as it is fully driven by the groups I am apart of. This is good, because they are all horse driven and it is good food for thought, but also difficult to get to the juicy parts!

However, I enjoy Facebook because it gets you thinking, it keeps you on your toes, and you have more space to write about things than Instagram and Twitter!

Keep me on my toes Facebook Algorithm! 


2 thoughts on “Facebook – should you? shouldn’t you?

  1. Im not liking facebook at the moment I don’t see anything that my friends post and just see the “market place” stuff which I have no idea why because I have never used it and have tried to hide it several times, plus adverts and occasionally posts from groups that Im in – but I rely notifications to tell me when something new has been put on them. The sad thing is I no longer feel connected to my friends on facebook which is what it is suppose to be about and instead I am using other social media platforms to keep in touch.


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