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Fresh Air

Now, the title ‘Fresh Air’ could bring up lots of ideas for what I am going to write about – dog walking, smoking, London life – please note, most of those require the title to be said with a bit of tongue in cheek!

Fresh air is quite regularly associated with living in the countryside, and to be honest, it is quite true. You certainly notice when there is a bad smell quicker!

But the other element from living in the countryside is the ability to get out into the open, get into the breeze, get into the rain… and enjoy yourself.

Ways to do that can be:

#1: Walk to the Pub

Walking to the pub, it helps you burn calories before adding to them again, you get the fresh rosy cheek feeling and most of all, you don’t have to drive!

#2: Change of Scene

If you are stuck inside working away, or you cannot get out of bed for whatever reason, be it illness or fatigue – a walk or just sitting on a chair outside – does you wonders. Just the movement of clean air and the sound of the birds lifts anyone’s spirits. Winter makes this harder, but is still as good for the soul!

#3: Dog Walks. 

You have to do them,  you don’t want poo in your house after all, but you cannot be bothered to leave Netflix, but you’re also hungry and grumpy. You have to go, and on return, you feel a million £££. It is ridiculous how good it is.

And it comes free with leaving the house!

The countryside, for me, is the absolute dream. I just need my aga

What are your feelings about ‘Fresh Air’ and what does it mean to you? 





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