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Labour: Animal Welfare Plan


Here’s a different topic for you. Labour are asking for people’s help on their Animal Welfare Plan.

Regardless of how you would vote on election day, or who you have strong feelings about, this is your chance to give your two pence worth. Now’s your time to say what you’d like to see happen. What you deem important and key for yourself and your understanding of Animal Welfare.

I’m not going to try and convert you to my feelings, that would be unfair, and rude.

We all know that there are times when we don’t agree on something, we struggle to understand why someone in power would make that decision, or allow something to pass. We misunderstand why things have happened how they have, mainly because the media are good at blindfolding us – to sell the papers. They’re out to make money, and if that’s how they know best, then any business owner would do the same… let’s admit it. But the tricky thing is that it sucks us all in, because we are not in a position to go to the bill hearings and hear what is actually happening.

BUT now is the best time to put forward your ideas. They are open for all opinions. I’ve given my view; I would recommend you do too. If they haven’t heard it, they won’t be able to add it to the mix.

Make sure you read their description of what they want to do first though:

And when you’ve worked out what you’d like to say, send your thoughts to:

What is so exciting is that Animal Welfare is something that is key for all animal lovers, be that with or without the same understanding. What I might do with my horse might not be what X or Y might be – but this is our option to put forward what we feel is important and essential.

I would not want to be the person putting all the thoughts together and making a plan though…

Good luck, and may your thoughts be fruitful and achieved. 


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